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Reflections on Scars and Repentance through Photos of Christ

Reflections on Scars and Repentance through Photos of Christ

Have you ever seen a visible scar on a child? If so, you may have noticed their first reaction is often to touch it and ask what happened. This simple human curiosity is a reflection of our desire to understand and connect with the experiences of others.

Photos of Christ have been a powerful way for believers to connect with Jesus Christ and understand His life and teachings. One of the most striking aspects of these photos is the way they capture Jesus' scars. His wounds are a reminder of the price He paid for our redemption and salvation.

One day, while walking through the Reflections of Christ exhibit in Mesa, AZ, I noticed smudges on my image Resurrection. I decided to take action and clean the glass using museum glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. However, a few days later, the smudges returned, and I began to realize their significance. All of the smudges were on the hand of Jesus in the image.

Initially, I thought it was cute that children were touching Jesus' hand in the picture. But as I watched adults, moved to tears, touching the glass, I realized the depth of their reverence and awe. The scars on His hand were a visible reminder of the sacrifice He made for us, and the importance of repentance in our lives. Needless to say, no more glass cleaner.

As Christians, we are called to admit that we each fall short and need Jesus. The word we use to describe this process is repentance. His scars serve as a powerful reminder that repentance is not only the beginning of joy, but also the key to life and growth.

The image of Resurrection is a poignant reminder of the spirit in which we should approach the act of communion with God, like a child. Children are curious, humble, and open to learning. They are not afraid to ask questions, seek understanding, or show reverence. As we grow older, we often lose that childlike faith and become more guarded, skeptical, and critical. But in the presence of Christ, we are called to let go of our defenses, doubts, and fears, and approach Him with childlike trust and wonder. The Resurrection image captures this essence of childlike faith, as it portrays the risen Christ reaching out to His disciples with open arms and hands, inviting them to come and see, touch, and believe. The scars on His hands are a testament to His love and sacrifice, and a reminder that through repentance and faith, we too can be made new and whole.

As we contemplate the Resurrection image and its message, we are also invited to reflect on the power of photos of Christ in our spiritual journey. Photos of Christ are not mere objects of art or decoration, but powerful symbols of God's presence, love, and grace. They can inspire us to seek God's face, to meditate on His Word, and to worship Him in spirit and truth. They can also comfort us in times of trial, remind us of our calling and purpose, and unite us with the global body of Christ.

Whether we view photos of Christ in a church, a museum, a book, or online, we can benefit from their spiritual impact by approaching them with reverence, openness, and humility. We can pray for God's guidance, illumination, and transformation as we look at the images, read the Scriptures, and listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. We can also share our experiences with others, encourage them to seek Christ through photos and other means, and learn from their insights and perspectives.

Photos of Christ can serve as powerful reminders of our faith and inspire us to deepen our relationship with God. Whether it's an image of the crucifixion or the resurrection, each photograph captures a different aspect of Christ's life and teachings. When we reflect on these photos, we are reminded of the depth of Christ's love for us and the sacrifice he made for our salvation. Moreover, they can be a valuable tool for evangelization, helping us to share our faith with others and invite them to join us on our spiritual journey.

Photos of Christ can be a powerful means of grace and growth in our spiritual life, as they remind us of the beauty, truth, and goodness of our Savior. The image of Resurrection by Reflections of Christ is a striking example of this, as it captures the essence of childlike faith, the power of repentance and forgiveness, and the hope of resurrection and new life. As we contemplate this image and others like it, may we be renewed in our commitment to follow Christ, to love God and neighbor, and to serve His kingdom with joy and humility.

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