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About Us

Reflections of Christ: Bringing Jesus Christ Art to Life

In today's fast-paced digital age, discovering genuine and lifelike depictions of Jesus in art can be quite a challenge. At "Reflections of Christ," we're passionate about our collection, particularly, "Walking on Water", which has earned acclaim as our most highly sought-after piece. Mark Mabry, the artist behind our work, embarked on a creative journey to bring together timeless narratives and modern visuals, presenting a carefully curated selection passionate representations of Jesus.

Our Team

How It All Started

With a desire to bring to life the images of Christ that resonate with our modern sensibilities, Mark Mabry started his journey. A passion for creating a realistic Jesus picture that captured the essence of the Savior led to the birth of our collection. The overwhelmingly positive response to our "Walking on Water Jesus" piece signaled that the world was eager for more such evocative Jesus Christ photos. 

Reflections of Christ debuted to many as a youtube video created by Filmmaker Cameron Trejo. The video featured Mabry’s images set to the song “Come Thou Font” sung by Freddie Ashby, played by renowned pianist Clyde Bawden, and produced by Jason Barney. Today people play the entire Reflections of Christ album on all streaming platforms and download the sheet music here for free.

Our Vision

Our collection goes beyond traditional Jesus canvas pictures or prints of Christ commonly found for sale. We believe in the power of art, especially Christian art, to touch souls, spark conversations, and bring walls to life. Each Jesus canvas art, metal print Christ photo, and Jesus print in our gallery is meticulously crafted, showcasing a blend of traditional stories with a modern twist, making them not just pieces of art but treasures of devotion.

In Homes Around the World

Many have adorned their homes with our Jesus wall art, finding a deeper connection with the Savior through our detailed Christ pictures. From our realistic Jesus portrait to the vibrant prints of Christ for sale, every piece is a testament to the deep faith and artistic expertise behind it. Especially popular is our resurrected Jesus Christ artwork and Christ alive depictions, evoking a sense of divine presence in living spaces worldwide.

Join Our Community

Many of the people who find us have searched the internet for things like “Jesus Christ photos” and “Jesus prints”. People are looking for ways to think about Jesus more in their daily lives. From the striking image of Christ walking on water to the serene “Progression” or the emotional scene of Jesus hugging a woman in “surrender”, our goal is to help you think about Jesus more. 

Dive into our collection, choose the perfect Jesus canvas art, or metal art, or traditional print for your space, and become part of a community that values a blend of faith and artistry.

Enjoy the original youtube video below