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Tara and Mark Mabry 2008, Reflections of Christ Exhibit

AZ Visitor Center Display

One of the top 10 nights of my life was on Jan 17, 2008 when David and Darelyn Peterson put together a Reflections of Christ gallery opening at the Mesa Temple Visitor Center. About 700 people showed up that night. (I'll probably tell more stories about that later) 

One of the highlights of that entire exhibit though was the night before the opening when we had just finished hanging the art and turning on the music... we just sat in the exhibit and were a little emotional at seeing it all come together. 

I'm not sure who took this picture, but thanks. 

The exhibit was unbelievable. My brother-in-law Kim Eaton volunteered to build walls with soffits and lights. He wasn't allowed to put anything "permanent" so he floated the walls on foam and held it all in place with one screw in the ceiling.

Rob Brinton, the most talented framer I've ever met, donated the framed exhibit. He nailed it. Each piece framed perfectly for what it represented. 

Music and film were so important, but I'm going to blog about those later. 


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