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Jesus Walking on Water: How It Started

Jesus Walking on Water: How It Started

Walking on water is one of the most iconic stories of Jesus in the Bible. The story of Jesus walking on water is a testament to His divinity and power, and it has been depicted in various forms of art throughout history. Reflections of Christ is a project that has captured the beauty and power of Jesus Christ through artistic and breathtaking images. One of the images in the Reflections of Christ series that has captured the imagination and popularity among many is the image of Jesus Walking on Water. The story behind its inspiration and intellectual creation is later in this article. 

The power of this image lies in the emotions it evokes among its viewers and the spiritual message it conveys. It portrays the beautiful principle of miracles. Jesus Christ can still perform miracles in our lives—that did not end with his mortal ministry. The image of Jesus walking on water reminds us that with faith, we can overcome any obstacle, or any mountain. It serves as a daily reminder that with God's help, we can achieve anything, even the impossible. Having this image in our homes and other spaces can inspire us to face life's challenges with faith and hope.

The image of Jesus walking on water can also create a sense of connection with the divine. When we look at this image, we are reminded of the power and presence of God in our lives, and his involvement in even the little things. This image has been in homes all over the country, and the symbolism of the moment captured in the image is one that evokes strong emotion in every Christian. It can serve as a source of comfort during difficult times and provide us with the assurance that we are not alone.

In addition to providing comfort and inspiration, the image of Jesus walking on water can also inspire us to progress in our spiritual journey. It can be a catalyst for personal growth, self-reflection, and ultimately change. This image can inspire us to strive for a deeper connection with God and to seek out opportunities for service and growth. It causes us to pause and wonder, "what miracles can Jesus bring into my life today?"

As an individual, I wouldn't classify myself as an art critic, however, I have formed my own perspectives on how to approach art. As I continue to explore the world of photography and have more experiences within it, I have noticed that my approach to pictures is actually similar to my approach to life. I'm uncertain which approach came first, but allow me to delve deeper into this topic and hopefully share some useful insights.

One night during the photography for Reflections of Christ, I found myself in a music studio with our team as they re-arranged the old hymn "Come Thou Font". I shared a few early images with our producer Jason, composer Clyde, and singer Freddie. All together, we reviewed images of Gethsemane, Crucifixion, Healing, Baptism, and a few other scenes.

On that particular night, I was uncertain about what I would shoot next, but I sensed that there was still an unanswered question inside of me. As the team worked and recorded, I sat in the control room on Jason's couch and listened. While they worked, I experienced a new awareness and felt deeply in touch with myself as both a person and an artist. Eventually, I ended up moving out of view to the hallway, where I leaned against the wall there and was instantly emotionally overwhelmed. It was a moment of surrender as an artist, and though it would take another decade for me to surrender as a person, it was a pivotal moment in my creative journey and a moment I will always remember. 

As I sat on the couch and listened to the music, I entered a state of fast forward and slow motion simultaneously. Psychologists call this a "flow state," but I won't pretend to recall my thought process because it was a highly creative moment. It was during that moment of intense emotion and surrender, that Walking on Water was born in my mind. 

All we had to do then, was shoot it. And though the shoot itself was enjoyable, the power truly laid in the breakthrough moment of surrender that took place in the music studio for me. Perhaps, at least for me with Walking on Water, the first step is actually the idea and the true journey is the cycle of faith, focus, and repentance.

When I think about Walking on Water, it all starts with a question. As soon as my foot touches the water, I ask myself, "Will it hold?" And every time I take a step forward, the question arises again. But I hope that one day the question will change, and I'll start asking myself, "Which miracle is next?"

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