The Hem of His Robe


The Hem of His Robe

(from the artist) 

Here's why "The Hem of His Robe" is special to me. Because while we were shooting, I learned something deep from the the brave woman who portrayed ’The Woman with an issue of blood’. Our actress, herself, is facing a rare life-threatening disease.

We all know how the Bible story goes…

This woman was declared 'unclean'. So she risked it all to go out in public, in a crowd, and lunge for Jesus. When she did dive for him, she connected. And Jesus turned because He felt power 'leave Him'.

Her faith, and His mercy, were so great that she got that answer, and the answer was healing! 

When we began shooting this scene, our amazing woman reached for His robe and caught hold of the hem so tightly that SHE RIPPED THE ROBE!  

Can physical healing really be denied or delayed when someone is pleading with enough passion to figuratively rip the robe? Yes. It’s hard to hear, but yes.

I played this scene out in my mind with alternate endings... and that's when it hit me.

What if this story had turned out differently? What if the woman in the Bible was meant to come back home to Heaven?

What if Jesus felt her there and turned around and stooped down,

“Sweetheart, come here.”

What if then, He SAW HER, shared HIS HOPE with her, and shed tears with her? What if instead of healing her, He had said,

“My daughter, it’s time to come home. It’s time to stop fighting. Your faith has made you a different kind of whole. Join me in the Kingdom.”

And what if this woman, suddenly feeling eternity in the Hem of His Robe simply looked at Him and changed her plan,

“Thy Will Be Done.”

I, for one, would love the story just as much.


It’s about knowing that the Master is in charge and truly knows every hair that falls from our head. Because He does. He knew her. He knows us.

Jesus is always on time.

PS. To those currently ripping the robe, I still never give up on healing. AND, like you, I still pray for the first miracle everyday... just with a broader understanding of "miracle". 


This hand-coated canvas print is wrapped on 1.5" inch stretcher bars. The image wraps around the sides of the canvas, so it may be hung on a wall as is, placed on a mantle, or framed. We print 1.5" larger on all sides so that when we wrap the canvas, you still get the advertised size facing the room. Your wrapped canvas arrives with the hanging wire already installed on the back. Printed in the USA. It is advisable to wait until after you've received your canvas print to order a frame.

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